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Sessions helps to engage and educate the student body on a smaller scale outside of the main sessions. This is done through decorating the gym to help tangibly communicate the conference’s vision, inviting breakout speakers to further discuss the theme, formulating a local church panel to talk about current needs and issues in the local area.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Seminar A:

Caf Banquet: James Petitfils 

Have you ever been hurt in or by the one place that should be a bastion of care and encouragement? Does your history with the network of people we call “the church” include scars, regrets, disappointments, or even trauma? This missions conference, as we consider the topic of “Restore and Remember,” I want to invite us to process a difficult but very real question: What do you do when a church breaks your heart? In this session, rather than duct-taping over the pain or simply spraying more Lysol in its direction, let’s talk honestly, lament biblically, and together sit at the feet of the only one who can bring restoration and hope.


Crowell: Leon Harris

The goal of this session is to explicate the work of the Holy Spirit, using the book of Ezra, to demonstrate God’s activity of restoring the people of God. The Holy Spirit is not simply gathering individuals but is creating a certain type of community: a community of love who gives of itself for and with others. One aspect of missions is to bring the Good News that Jesus Christ by the Spirit is creating a people who is to become the Temple of the Holy Spirit.


Chase Gymnasium: Stephen Mbogo 

Stephen will be joined by his wife Rosemary Mbogo. Together they will also share their experiences as a couple serving together in leading ByGrace children’s home to avail support for orphans in Kenya while also leading different organizations.


Calvary Chapel: Kevin Palau

The City and the Gospel: 3 lessons learned in Portland Oregon. For the past 15 years more than 200 local churches have worked together in prayer, service to the community, and evangelism in one of the most radically unchurched cities in our country. In the midst of the challenges of this cultural moment something powerful is happening that reflects God’s heart for our cities. Come join a conversation about the beauty of the Gospel, the power of unity, and what it looks like to ‘seek the shalom of the city’.

Business 109: Jason Leith, Art and Mission

Taste & See: The Arts on Mission

What value can the arts bring to the mission of God? How can we reach those living in secularized, post-Christian cultures at home and abroad? Jason will share stories from his 15 years of experience using the arts serve on mission from streets of LA to the parks of Berlin and the beaches in Spain. You’ll see on-the-ground examples of how visual artists, musicians, photographers, poets, culinary artists and dancers can help the gospel message move from the head to the heart. The session will include biblical foundations for the arts, visual stories, and kickstarting your own ideas of what’s possible.

Sutherland: Global Awareness


Breakout Seminar B:

Crowell: Adam Day

The world has changed dramatically in the last century and Christianity has not been immune to those changes. Among other things, it has undergone seismic shifts demographically in the past 100 years. What are those changes and how do those changes affect our missions strategy moving forward? This session will focus on the demographic changes in Christianity from 1910-2020 (as well as looking ahead to 2050) and offer insights as to how students can participate in the Great Commission in light of those changes. 


Andrews Banquet: GSPD Missionary Kid Panel

This panel consists of a variety of MKs with different experiences willing to answer your questions about what it is like to live on the mission field. The thought behind this panel is to share a more realistic view of missions, one that is not toned down and that focuses just on the wonderful aspects. We suggest that people who are interested in long term missions, people who want to have kids while being on long term missions, and anyone interested to attend and ask your questions!


Mayers Auditorium: Discipleship Panel

This panel consists of a diverse collection of local church pastors who are eager to share their insights on questions concerning discipleship. Students attending will become more equipped on how to disciple those in Christ and gain helpful knowledge on local churches they can attend.  


Caf Banquet: Joy Qualls

In this session, we will look at the rhetoric of the God who remembers.  We will explore what it means to remember, the ways in which that has been used rhetorically in how we understand God’s love for us and his care for our flourishing.  We will talk about memory and how we use this term rhetorically to reflect the image of God to the world and to engage in healing and restoration as we encounter the God who remembers.

Sutherland: Global Awareness

Breakout Seminar C:
Mayers Auditorium: Lloyd Peckham 

 “Cross-Cultural Love” We hope to combine story-telling and intercession. God will break current barriers to giving and receiving love. 


Caf Banquet: Eric Meier

 I will be sharing about the work I have done over the past 15 years combatting human trafficking around the world, and more specific to the theme, how our strategy of disrupting the trafficking of individuals prevents exploitation and the need for restoration and how 'we' as a community of believers can get involved in helping to stop one of the world's greatest injustices.


Andrews Banquet: Brian Warth

Radical Restoration: Brian Warth has experienced radical restoration when he was freed after 16 years of a prison life sentence. He will use the example of God restoring His temple as an illustration of how God can restore broken lives. You will be inspired to share the Gospel with broken people.

Crowell:  Worship session - The Garden 


Calvary Chapel: Stephen Mbogo

Stephen will be joined by his wife Rosemary Mbogo. Together they will also share their experiences as a couple serving together in leading ByGrace children’s home to avail support for orphans in Kenya while also leading different organizations.


Sutherland: Global Awareness

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