Student Missionary


The Student Missionary Union exists to motivate and mobilize students to align their lives toward the completion of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by providing opportunities for students to learn and engage with God's call through local missions, global missions, Missions Conference, workshops, events, and working on staff We desire for SMU to be a space that encourages curiosity, diversity, broadens perspectives, and helps to form a deeper understanding of missions and what each individual’s role is in proclaiming and demonstrating God’s kingdom.

Bobbi Thompson




The Executive Department seeks to uphold the SMU Purpose Statement by providing vision and direction to SMU staff and stewardship of SMU resources.


Joey Jang

Financial Controller


Danielle Georgia

Vice President



The Office Staff seeks to create an environment of grace within the Student Government Association and Student Missionary Union offices by maximizing external and internal communication and empowering the staff through encouragement and service.


Sarah Beshay

Office Assistant

Luke Nichols

Office Assistant

Charlie Pederson

Director of Administration

Jillian Axelson

Office Assistant

Luke Nichols

Office Assistant

Human Resources 


Amanda Abreu_HR Director_SMU.heic

The Human Resources Department exists to conduct hiring and event planning for SMU in an effective and professional manner that empowers each of the other departments to operate efficiently and facilitate seamless involvement of  the greater student body.

Amanda Abreu

Director of Human Resources

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The Director of Diversity's role is to research and advise SMU through issues of diversity and inclusion, while establishing programs that help promote themes of reconciliation. This role will be training the directors and staff on topics of diversity, supporting recruitment and branding in appealing to diverse applicants while removing biases, reviewing wording in policies and procedures to ensure inclusivity, and developing partnerships with different organizations on campus.

Dillon Yoon

Director of Diversity & Inclusion



The Marketing and Communication Department seeks to creatively represent the purpose, values, and opportunities of SMU through visual forms.


Maile Marino

Graphic Designer

Jack Campbell

Graphic Designer

Alexio Mah

Director of Marketing & Communications

Drew Dinaso

Media Coordinator

Madison Pawley

Media Coordinator

Tim Green



Missions Conference


The Missions Conference Department seeks to create a consecrated time of response to God, reserved for the Holy Spirit to align the hearts of students to the completion of the Great Commission. The hope is to facilitate an atmosphere during the conference, which seeks to educate, equip and inspire students in relation to the final and most urgent call of Christ to “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations.”


Evan Peters

Director of Missions Conference


Alissa Wooley

Director of Missions Conference



The Local Missions Department exists to equip students to work alongside their local community respectfully and with well-oriented hearts as they answer the call of the Great Commission to serve wherever they may find themselves. The Local Missions Department longs to bridge the understanding that the local context is everywhere, whether globally or where we live locally. They aim to do this by equipping students to serve alongside churches and organizations in Biola’s respective Jerusalem (the L.A. County) and Judea (the greater California).


Anna Winters

Local MissionsTeam 


Ashley Chang

Local Missions Team 


Angelica Saldana

Director of Local Missions

Jenna Shotwell

Local Missions Logistics Coordinator

Selijah Grondin

Local MissionsTeam 


Global Missions


The Global Missions Department seeks to advance the gospel of Christ among the nations. We are a community that seeks to be centered on Christ, founded on prayer, dependent upon the Holy Spirit, and whose passion is to see God glorified as lives are changed through short-term missions.

Estephanie Ramirez _GM Director_SMU .jpg

Estephanie Ramirez

Global Missions Director

Megan Brainard

Global Missions Team Developer

Alycia Dallakoti

Global Missions Team Developer

Jack Burns

Marketing and Event Coordinator