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Marketing + Hospitality

A part of our vision for the Conference is to provide a space for students to respond to how the Holy Spirit moves and to get connected with ways they can participate in building the Body of Christ. One way that we do this is through our missionary fair. 

Missionary Connection

Missionary Fair
Dates: 16th-17th
Location: Southerland Way
Time: 16th: 11-2;3:30-7:30 17th: 9-9:30am; 12:30-2pm
Description: This is really an opportunity for missions organizations to give their information to students that are seeking ways the Lord might be calling them to missions, locally or globally.

Welcome Tea
Dates: 15th
Location: Caf Banquet Room
Time: 7-9pm
Description: This event will be held to welcome all the missions conference attendees (missions organizations,camps,etc.). We will provide a welcome packet with our theme for the conference. Meal tickets if purchased. A schedule of the missionary events. A list of restaurants and banks in the area. As well as your booth numbers. Porto's bakery (Cuban bakery) and beverages will be provided. We would love for everyone to attend.

Painting with a Missionary
Date: March 16th
Location: Library Courtyard
Time: 11:30-1:30pm
Description: Missionaries and students will have an opportunity to create art with each other and speak about furthering God's Kingdom! This year we will be creating a mosaic using the art created by the students and missionaries.

Fountain Floats
Date: March 17th
Location: Fountain
Time: 5-6:30pm
Description: This event was created by students for students. Where students are able to get free ice cream, speak with global and local missionaries, and have an opportunity to win prizes!


Visiting Organizations

  • World Gospel Mission

  • TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)

  • Pioneers

  • International Project

  • Alliance for Transatalantic Theo Training

  • Candence International

  • World Vision

  • Morning by Morning Ministires

  • Door Faith Orphanage

  • ELIC


  • One Collective

  • Campus Crusade for Chirst (Cru)

  • Impact Global Outreach

  • Base Ministry

  • E3

  • To Every Tribe

  • One challenge

  • OMF

  • Base Ministry

  • Samaritan's Purse

  • Cafe 1040

  • Frontier USA

  • Hands at Work

  • Mission to the World

  • Jesus Film Project

  • Reading for All- Books for Jordan

  • Jews for Jesus

  • AIM

  • Seahorse Soccer

  • Camp Alandale

  • Heartlight Ministries

  • OC United

  • ByGrace Trust

  • Action International Ministries

  • Send International

  • Youth Works

  • African Inland Mission

  • Liebenzell USA

  • Greater Europe Mission

  • Slavic Gospel Association

  • Children's Relief International

  • Jesus Burgers


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