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SMU 2020 Fall Semester Update

Dear Biola community, we are right here with you.

We are all walking through these trying times together. We as a community are all learning, struggling, and growing together as we try to navigate these new, and ever changing circumstances.

And even though things are going to look a lot different this semester we are still committed to humbly listening to the Holy Spirit and continuing to serve you, our Biola community, as best as we can!

That being said we have a few exciting things that we will be introducing this semester in order to stay engaged with each other and with our mission work of spreading the Gospel!

One of those things is what you are looking at right now! We will be using this blog spot more frequently in order to spread information and keep you all in the loop, and spread encouragement through God’s word and devotionals.

We will also be adding a tab on our website that will allow you to see the faces behind SMU. We are all students as well, and we understand how hard everything is right now and we want to serve you the best that we can. We want you to know who you can reach out to on our staff and get to know us as a group of students with hearts for serving Christ who have to come together for the purpose of spreading the Gospel and not just as a big organization.

And lastly, we are starting a podcast! This is a new and fun way for us to connect with you all and we’re all very excited about it! This will be a conversational podcast where we will talk with students and alumni who have gone on mission trips and discuss their experiences, and we will also talk with different organizations that SMU has formed relationships with over the years and see how they are serving their communities under these circumstances. Our first episode will be airing August 5th so keep an eye out for that announcement on our Instagram page!

We are excited to see your faces (even if it’s just on zoom) and hopefully we can meet in person soon! We are praying for you all! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or prayer requests.

With love,

Student Missionary Union

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