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Meet the Global Missions Department

The Global Missions Department seeks to advance the gospel of Christ among the nations. We are a community that seeks to be centered on Christ, founded on prayer, dependent upon the Holy Spirit, and whose passion is to see God glorified as lives are changed through short-term missions.

Hear from GM Director, Alycia Dallakoti

What is your Department's Vision this Year?

Partnership! We want to partner with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ to share the Gospel with the entire world. We partner with people on Biola’s campus, foster long term partnerships with organizations, partner with local churches, invest in local communities. The body of Christ is powerful so we are partnering with each other and partner through prayer to further the Kingdom of God.

Department Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 15:58, Acts 4:31

Prayer Requests:

  • A smooth process for all of the logistics as we send teams out

  • Team unity as we prepare to go together

  • For each country that the teams will be going out to

Why Missions? Why SMU?

Hear from the Team:
"As believers, as we fall more and more in love with Jesus the things that matter to him begin to matter to us. Missions is a natural outpouring of the desire that God has for people to know him and be known by him so when we reflect God’s passion for the lost, missions is the result. SMU exists to empower Biola students to step into the call to engage in the Great Commission. This means actively taking steps to grow, learn, and practice the ways that God’s passion for the lost is intended to be lived out as believers."

- Phoebe Robinson, Global Missions Team Developer

"I believe every believer is called to take part in God’s global work of salvation. SMU is a way in which I can take part in work actively through being a sender and equipper for other believers as they go and learn about how God has been at work bring every people group to himself. Jesus commissioned all his followers to follow in his footsteps and proclaim the kingdom of God to all who have not heard it yet. There are billions of people around the world who have never heard the gospel yet and it is a joy to be able to partner with God himself in making his name known to all peoples. "

- Matthew Christian, Global Missions Team Developer

"Since high school the Lord has put on my heart to go on the mission field and spread the Gospel and make His name known. I joined SMU because I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to learn more of the “behind the scenes” work of how to do missions effectively and how to send out missionaries properly. In order to be effective on the mission field I wanted to learn what it meant to serve Him “behind the scenes”. Missions is important to me because it’s important to God. We are to “make disciples of all nations” so that the Lord’s name is known and worshipped by all. I want everyone to have the chance to know who Christ is and His love; I also want all to have the chance to experience the goodness of God."

- Gabi Stieg, Marketing and Events Coordinator

"As followers of Jesus we are called to not keep the gospel to ourselves and instead commanded to take part in the Great Commission. As Christians, we get to engage in the end goal of God’s glory being revealed among every people group. SMU provides the opportunity for students to engage in the end goal of God’s glory being revealed among every people group."

- Corrie Myhr, Global Missions Team Developer

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