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Little Lambs

Nothing goes to waste.

Team Ukraine was the merge of two initially different teams, an all-guys team being sent out to South Africa and an all-girls team being commissioned to India. Two distinct teams were preparing for their different trips for months prior to departing as one for Ukraine.

Team India started out as a team of six. Then, it was down to four, including the loss of junior Christian Ministries major Jessica Loomis’s co-leader. Those things that started out being so clear were starting to blur. “I felt so distraught. Not, ‘God where are you?’ but ‘what are you doing?’ India was where we were to go...but God had other plans.”

Loomis said that of the crazy idea after crazy idea, the one that really pointed to God’s sovereignty was that none of the tickets to either India or South Africa had been purchased. What started out as a major concern and logistical pressure became the unmistakable indication that Team Ukraine was not an accident. “God knew all along...there were so many details...everyone was so on board.”

Little Lambs was the  missions organization in Ukraine that took in the newly-unified team, where the ministry focus was going to be on orphan and foster care. There was a constant theme of feeling heavy and burdened, but God had been preparing his sons and daughters exactly for this: to be open and flexible to serve wherever they were being called.

The greatest struggle with short-term missions is the relational aspect, but Loomis shares that “the beauty of it in the short time we have [is that] we get to be Jesus to these kids.” God was leading Loomis and her team of newly gained brothers and sisters in Christ to shepherd these shepherd-less children.

There was one night when Team Ukraine hosted a girls and guys night. Yogurt parfaits paired with purity discussions allowed for them to share “the concept of having a Father who loves unconditionally to those who don’t have a father figure.”

“I want everyone to know that God provides even when we don’t know what’s going on,” said Loomis. Every piece of Team Ukraine, even before Loomis knew Team Ukraine existed, was intricately woven by an all-knowing, all-caring Father.

Nothing goes to waste.

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