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Our mission is to develop a Christ-Centered
Culture one LIFE at a time through:Family
Empowerment, Educational Excellence, and
Public Health Impact

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Our Story

Based in Neply, Haiti, myLIFEspeaks is
committed to creating a ripple effect throughout the country of Haiti by using
sustainable, long-term commUNITY development and family-based support

Prayer Requests

Pray for our ministry, our village (Neply, Haiti),
and for Jesus to reach hearts in our community.
Haitian culture is founded on VooDoo/demonic
practices, our calling is to bring the Light and
Hope of Jesus to a culture that does not know
Him. Please pray for transformation in our
village and country-wide.

Any donations to our ministry would be greatly appreciated! 

First, please pray for our ministry and the
country of Haiti. We know the Lord listens to our prayers. Visit our website to learn more about our ministry and what we do on-ground in Haiti. We believe educating oneself on
another culture is important to grow in knowledge so then you can ask questions
on how to be involved.

Got questions?

Executive & Developmental Assistant


Kelsey Wilson

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